Top 10 safari destinations in Africa

One of the main reasons most travelers choose to visit Africa is her wildlife parks and conservancies. These are certainly the highlight of any African trip, and for the BootsnAll top ten choice of African wildlife destinations, Gorongosa is ninth in the standings.

9 – Gorongosa Mozambique: This park, situated in north central Mozambique, is one of the region’s oldest and most troubled conservancies. Once the jewel of the colonial Portuguese conservation effort, and denuded almost to extinction during Mozambique’s series of civil wars, it is now one of the most visitable parks in the region.

Also of mixed habitat, the vortex of the park is a wet depression that supports a rich variety of vegetation that in turn provides succor and habitat to a huge diversity of wildlife. To the west lies Mount Gorongosa with its large number of endemics and unusual forest habitat. To the east wooded Miombo hill country offers shaded sanctuary to the more elusive of the African plains species.

Slowly being restocked, Gorongosa is still a work in progress, but is the focus of much international money and interest, and for the moment seems to have an assured future.

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